Sunday, October 25, 2015

NROW in Charlie's New Gaming Loft

Last Friday my friend Charlie had a bunch of us over for a Napoleonic game in his newly renovated gaming loft. I have to say it's a very posh space and even includes it's own bathroom! Charlie set out a massive game using his rules, Napoleon's Rules of War.  The battle was an Austrian defense against a larger French force. The Austrians had interior lines and significant terrain.

Charlie was testing some recent changes he's made to the rules. The game was fun, although with so many figures we didn't finish the game. Consensus was slightly less terrain and smaller forces would have let us complete more turns. Still the game was a fun time and Charlie got some great feedback on the rules and scenario. These rules are a lot of fun, enough that I started my own 28mm Napoleonic figure collection primarily because of Charlie's rules.

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