Saturday, October 3, 2015

More Recent Ebay Purchases

I've been a bit behind in posting some recent Ebay acquisitions. This is a unit of Napoleonic French 4th Hussars that I purchased from Dragon Painting Service as a consolation to myself for breaking a tooth, which will require several long sessions in the Dentist chair to permanently. I bought these after the first visit then the Dentist gave me the bad news. Honestly, I'd rather not have the figures and have my original tooth. Getting old it what it is I guess....

This is a Warlord Games Tiger that came painted and weathered. The sale price on Ebay was less than the price of the unpainted model at the local store, even with shipping. Quite the bargain. I actually like that it's in earlier gray paint scheme. This will allow me to use it for mid-war and late war.

Next up, some figures I actually painted myself, Austrian Napoleonic artillery.


AdamC1776 said...

Those Hussars a gorgeous

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Adam Carriere said... Those Hussars a gorgeous

Thanks, they better be for $90.00!