Monday, December 5, 2011

7YW Black Powder @ Adler Hobby

This past Sunday was our monthly Black Powder game day at Adler Hobby. The end goal is for the participants to use Black Powder to play 28mm Napoleonic games. While everyone is painting up their forces we're playing games using different people's figure collections for whatever historical period matches the figure collection we're using.

This month's game was hosted by Adam using his 15mm Seven Years War (7YW) Prussian and Austrian armies. For a learning game Adam was asked to come up with a smaller scenario. Adam designed a supply train raid scenario with a smaller Prussian brigade and a relief column of Prussian cavalry opposed by a raiding force of a larger brigade of Austrians. The Prussians were tasked with escaping off the far end of the table with as many of their supply wagons as possible. The Austrian goal was to capture the train by attacking it.

We were able to play two games. We opted to keep our sides for both games and after a day of gaming each team had one win. I'd say that's pretty balanced. The first three photos are from the first game, an Austrian victory:

These last two photos are from the second game, a Prussian victory.


Adler Hobby & Board Game Cafe said...

I had a blast! Honestly I cant tell which I had the most fun at the game or the pre game show and tell, seeing everyones painted & in progress figures was awesome!

Rodger said...

Nice looking games AJ.

DeanM said...

Nice looking game. I love Black Powder! Best, Dean