Saturday, December 31, 2011

Australian Entrenched Mortars

These will be the last figures I complete during 2011. They're two Australian mortars in gun pits for my Australian North Africa force should I ever wish to field them as a Tobruk fortified company in Flames of War. A Tobruk company has as part of it's headquarters section these two mortars which can either be British 3" mortars or captured Italian mortars. While these aren't official FOW large bases, they're so close as nobody should mind much. If I was called in a tournament I can always slide a base under them as a sabot, although only about two tiny 2mm portions will stick out of the corners.

I chose to model these permanently in the gun pits for two reasons. The first is that I'll always be deploying them in the pits either in FOW games or with any other WWII rules since I already have a full six-mortar platoon painted up. The second reason is the Musket Miniatures fortified positions I used are just too damn sexy not to use them and this command was the perfect size to match the positions I had - two. Next up on the painting table is a platoon of Crusader tanks and some 2 pounder AT guns for my Aussies. Neither of those will be completed before I post my year end review and next year's goals posts. Maybe I'll be able to be succinct enough to combine them...but since I'm and engineer (and a wargamer) probably not.

P.S. Since the gun pits were so laborious to paint I'm counting this as 8 15mm figures (6 crew + 2 mortars) AND 2 terrain pieces.

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Giles said...

AJ, these are excellent pieces. The composition is very natural and the overall "look" is very effective. As I think I've said before, you also seem to me to have completely cracked the colour schemes of both uniforms and terrain.

Best wishes