Friday, December 30, 2011

December Game Night 2011

Some years we're fortunate enough that a Friday falls in between Christmas and New Years in such a way that we can hold a December game night at our club. This was one of those years. Tonight's games were both good ones hosted by prospective new member candidates. To the left is Andy Niven who hosted his epic 15mm WWII Crete game with a massive amount of hand-crafted terrain. I didn't play in this but those who did gave it high marks. It certainly looked like it fairly deserved them to me.

I played in John Macone's also very nicely terrained 15mm ACW Fire & Fury game. This was a scenario that saw the Confederates (my side) defending a crossroads and fortified hill from a superior Union attacking force. Our reinforcements were a bit slow to arrive but I did the best I could with a very nice cavalry unit to hold the line, but was eventually overwhelmed by the six infantry brigades and six batteries arrayed against me. On our other flank with the odds more even we did only slightly better holding the fortified hill with a narrow back-and-forth fight. This was a good looking game and fun was had by all.

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Ray Rousell said...

Two excellent looking games!!