Thursday, December 1, 2011

Australian 47/32 AT Gun Nests

These are two captured Italian 47/32 anti-tank gun pits being manned by Australian crews. I hope to eventually be able to use these to field an Australian Tobruk Strongpoint. I had already made my gun pits able to switch between '88' and 5cm or 2cm guns so painting up these two guns was almost a 'no brainer'. I'll be able to re-use any trench lines, mine fields and barbed wire from my German Stutzpunkt force as well as a lot of my Australian troops and armor to make a Tobruk defensive company. The crews are Battlefront gunners I had in my spares box and the actually gun pieces were a gift from my friend Gordon.

Below is a custom troop transport tray I made for my Flames of War army kit bag that holds all four of the gun pits as well as the extra German and Australian inserts. I used some extra blank foam sheets glued to a thin piece of plywood which I cut to the correct size to act as the bottom of the tray. Next up on the painting table is a full platoon of four Captured 47/32 AT guns for my Australian infantry company.


CBax said...

those look awesome, great work

Beccas said...

Very, very nice AJ. Keep the great painting coming.