Sunday, December 11, 2011

Seleucid Cataphracts

These are two battle groups of Seleucid cataphracts for my  Field of Glory Seleucid army. The figures are Old Glory 15s. I painted these up with iron armor on the horses and bronze armor on the riders after consulting with several friends from my wargaming club. The popular wisdom is that the less expensive and more durable iron would be used on the chain mail and the bronze would be used on the more detailed plate and scale armor that the riders would wear.

I've painted one unit with red horse blankets and one with a more 'royal' looking rose color. This will help me identify each unit. These were surprisingly quick to paint as most of the detail work was done with an initial set of dry-brush passes over black primer for the iron and bronze armor. Detail work was added after those initial passes.

These two battle groups finish everything I need to field an 800+ point Seleucid army in Field of Glory with all of the options I might want to put into an army for either historical or 'tournament' play. Additionally I have enough extra battle groups that I can field a much larger Seleucid army to oppose my Roman army to recreate the battle of Magnesia. Finishing this army also knocks off another of my goals for the year - finishing my Roman and Seleucid FOG armies. December 11th - talk about coming in right under the wire!

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Mark Decoteau said...

AJ, These came out really nice! I like the touch of red on the back - I think it adds a lot to the figures. The bronze and iron contrast between men and horses is also very nice. Great unit!