Wednesday, February 1, 2012

FOW Wrecked Tank Markers

These are twenty wrecked tank markers for use with Flames of War or any other WWII game. They could also be used in other games to mark burning terrain. They're made by Sentinel Miniature Painting and come as unpainted white resin.  With some black primer, a dusting of gray spray paint and several passes of dry-brushing (gray, light gray, yellow, red-orange) they finished up quickly. For half of them I glued on some small steel nuts. These help the markers stick to my tanks that are equipped with magnets to hold the turrets on. Photos below show this and also the markers on a couple of tanks.

These are a good quality product at a reasonable price. The only small complaint I have with them is I wish they was some variation between each. Having them all be essentially the same shape is slightly 'strange' for smoke clouds. In use on the table it is seldomly noticeable.


Broeders said...

I made my own (albeit for 6mm) using initially small blocks of balsa wood (painted in tank colours) and then some 'old' 6mm tanks with turrets removed. The 'smoke' was a thick black pipecleaner with red / yellow at the bottom (for flames) and black for the smoke.

We used them for Tarawa (to show which Buffaloes had been knocked out) and in a couple of Spearhead games. They're great for atmosphere and to show the course of the battle (as burning hulks litter the battlefield). Some photos on the blog.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

I know you're all thinking...."clearly I can see your nuts"