Saturday, February 4, 2012

Black Powder - Freeman's Farm Game (2)

Today was our monthly Black Powder game day at Adler Hobby. After playing a bunch of fun games I felt it was time for me to pay the group back and run a game. I decided to run my Freeman's Farm game which I've run two other times recently. I already had it boxed up and I knew it was fairly balanced. Our normal day for Black Powder is the first Sunday of the month, but with tomorrow being the Super Bowl we opted for a Saturday this month. The four players were Gordon and Eric as the Americans and Newcomer Dan and Myself as the British.

Both sides had quite a bit of difficulty getting their armies to deploy. My wing had considerable trouble thanks to Morgan's light brigade pestering me from some dense woods. Dan's German mercenaries and British regulars had considerable trouble dislodging Poore's brigade from the Freeman farmhouse.

As the battle progressed the Americans deftly silenced two of the British light batteries with small arms fire and then started whittling away at the British and German battalions. After 8 or so turns Dan and I agreed that the Americans had the field well in hand. With our commands significantly weakened and without artillery the British left the field to the Americans. Well played by both Eric and Gordon.

I've now run this game three times with a major British victory, a major American victory and a virtual draw. It's always good when a scenario ends up showing good balance with victories achievable by both sides. Hopefully I can keep this scenario to be available to run again on another day when we have 6 players.

Gordon posted a bunch more photos of the game on his picasa site here (see the last 9 photos in the gallery).


Adler Hobby & Board Game Cafe said...

I cant thank you enought Aj for Hosting this game I really had a blast playing this and you did a great job helping and Gm'ing this game , you got to do this again when your up to it, the models are amazing loved being able to use them as they looked so cool,fun fun fun - Gordon

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice looking game and I really do need to try a game of this someday.