Wednesday, February 22, 2012

German North Africa 10.5 cm Artillery Battery

This is a battery of four German LeFh18 10.5 cm artillery pieces that is a divisional support option for my Stützpunkt defensive infantry company. The platoon includes command, staff and two forward observer teams. Although the bases are a bit less interesting, I think the uniforms and guns are much better looking than the early war battery I painted up earlier. This platoon brings my Stützpunkt up to just over 1500 points using this order of battle. This is significant because completing two 1500 point armies by the end of February is an achievement in our early war league that is compensated by Battlefront with some free product...and who doesn't like free figures?!!

I'm not entirely sure I'll always want to use the mortars, infantry guns and this artillery battery at the same time in a tournament setting, but having them all for historical games is a must. Most likely at some point I'll be wanting to add one or two platoons of Panzer IIc or III tanks to give the force some additional mobility.

I've been substituting two company command stands from my early war continental German army as I forgot to paint up the company commander and 2iC when I painted up my required infantry platoon. I completed these two stands so that I would have proper North Africa theater figures for my company commanders. How embarrassing it was to have the most important stands in my company be the wrong uniforms!