Thursday, December 19, 2019

28mm Oxen for Saga Objectives

Two Reaper oxen, painted up for use as more livestock objectives for Saga. I did some experimenting on using glazing techniques when painting these. I think they were highly successful on the blend on the horns and mostly successful darkening the lower legs, but in other places my technique definitely needs refining.This was a good project to practice new techniques on, being only two figures and not part of an actual army. Adding two 28mm figures to my annual painting totals.

The last photo below is of a pair of oxen used at Colonial Williamsburg. I tried to model these after those actual oxen assuming that a living history community like Colonial Williamsburg would be attempting to use a breed that was available during the colonial period. While this isn't the medieval period, it is 'close enough' for use in AWI, Napoleonic and ACW games. For earlier periods we'll just have to use some faith. As with all of my recently completed projects, these were painted live on my stream.


Ed M said...

Lookin' good enough to paint saddles on :)

Matt Crump said...

Nice work always nice to have a variety of targets

AdamC1776 said...