Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Two X-Wing Miniatures Modified Ships

Luke from the Gold Squadron Paintcast and I are working out the details of doing a joint stream some time next year. In preparation for this I thought it would be good for me to finish up a couple of my X-Wing Miniatures game modified ships on my Twitch stream. I did this mostly to work out the details of setting up the camera when painting these models as it is different than when I paint 28mm miniatures.

The first of the models is a modified M3-A Interceptor. I am thinking of using this as the ship for Sunny Bounder if and when I field him in a squadron. The inspiration for this is of course the Fang Fighter. I always thought the M3-A looked like it was flying backwards. Now it looks proper. The wings were cut off and reversed, with the underside made the top because it looked more interesting that way. I added a small tail fin as well and some details from plastic rod. Base light grey and blue were laid down with an airbrush, with the balance painted by hand. I'm pretty excited as to how this one came out.

The final picture below shows my modified M3-A next to a stock one.

The Jumpmaster is supposed to be a cargo ship. The cut-out in the hull always bothered me. My thought with this modification, is an enterprising smuggler rigged up a permanent hold for higher value or dangerous cargo. It has been fitted with an additional cannon. In the rear are doors to load and unload. I painted this to match the stock color scheme as much as possible. There may be a bit more weathering needed, but for now it's as done as it's going to get. The added portion was scratch built from plastic card and leftover bits from my bits box.