Sunday, December 1, 2019

WIP 28mm Pack Mules

This is a work in progress shot of two pack mules. They're part of wave 7 of WizKids Deep Cuts line. I picked them up at my local hobby store to use as objectives for Saga scenarios. They can be used as baggage, supplies, or livestock. Very versatile. They also could be used for any other historical games where pack mules would be appropriate.

Painting these was an experiment of trying to mix a technique I've used successfully, ink washing horses, with one I haven't done, glazing with glazing medium. During the video I experiment with it and although I'm still learning, some bits of it were successful. 

All of the painting done on these was broadcast on my Twitch stream. Below I've included a YouTube video blow of the full stream. During the stream I got my first 'live' visitors, two of my computer gaming friends nicknamed 'Chaos' and 'Meatsaw'. Meatsaw was interested in painting miniatures so I talked a little about how to get started with him. I hope to finish these in my next painting session.

Video quality of the stream and my awareness of camera positioning is improving. I'm still mostly fumbling about with the whole streaming thing. Still it was a fun way to spend two hours at the painting table. 

Next stream I'll finish up painting these. Before the replay of that I'll be posting an update about all the French Napoleonics I re-based during two previous streams a few days ago.

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