Tuesday, December 3, 2019

WIP - 28mm French Marshals

I made some progress on these 28mm French Marshals yesterday while streaming on Twitch.tv. This is a pack of Old Glory "French Marshals 1", and two Perry "Mounted Infantry Colonels". The figures are surprisingly compatible. Unless you look for the saddles, which Perry cast on the horse and Old Glory cast on the rider, you really can't spot a big difference in figure size or quality.

The first pass was mainly to work on the faces and block in the hats and coats. Future work will highlight the coats and start working on the details. I still want to do a little more work on the faces, and I have to dry-brush some grey onto the black-haired figures. Still I'm happy with the progress and look so far.

As usual, below you can see a YouTube video of the stream I panted these on.

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