Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Big French Napoleonic Re-Basing Project

Having recently posted about my large Austrian re-basing project, this is another effort to increase my collection to a size large enough to host some Electronic Brigadier Napoleonic play test games. These are 28mm French Napoleonic figures my friend Ed of Ed M's Wargame Meanderings blog generously sold me. The figures are from Ed's extras collection that he was looking to part with.

The figures needed a bit of touch up here and there and each unit either had to have a figure converted to a standard bearer or in one case the standard bearer had to be repaired. Then they were based, flocked and after drying the bases decorated with foliage clusters and grass tufts. All of this was done live on my stream, shown in a couple of earlier posts here and here. The figures are all beautifully painted, so the touch ups were only to repair wear and tear.


There are a total of 37 stands re-based. Also, since the Austrian re-basing post included a German WWII anti aircraft gun, I thought I'd toss in a bonus WWII vehicle, a British Mk I Daimler armored car. This was bought from Ebay. It was priced, including shipping. for less than the cost of the un-painted model, and was base colored, but a bit light on detail. I didn't need another one, but at the price I couldn't resist! I gave it some edge highlighting and a dusting of European Dust MIG pigment powder.


Ed M said...

Looking good, AJ...wonder if it's too late to buy them back now that they're all based :)

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Um....I'll let you borrow them any time I host a game with them! And yes, they are quite pretty. Thanks again.